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  • What is the point of satin?

    Unlike cotton, satin absorbs less water, reducing breakage, knots, and frizz .

    All our creations have a satin lining, to protect our hair with style and elegance?

  • What size turban to choose?

    The classic size is generally suitable for everyone, because the turban is quite large, and adjustable by tying it.

    If you have locks, dreads, or braids or just a lot of hair, the Big hair don't care size is for you!

    It is large enough to fit all your hair into the turban.

  • How to wash/maintain your Têt Maré?

    To avoid color bleeding, the first wash should be done by hand. Soak the Têt Maré for at least an hour in cold water with salt and/or white vinegar (to fix the colors).

    The following washes can be done in the machine, at 30°C with a washing net (for sale on the site).

    Iron at low temperature to prevent the satin from creasing.

  • What are the delivery times ?

    Your package is shipped the day of the order if it is placed before 12 noon (excluding weekends and public holidays).

    For metropolitan France and depending on the region, the normal transport time is 2 to 8 days.

    For other destinations, we deliver your orders within 8 to 10 working days. (25 days for deliveries via delivengo)

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femme portant un turban vert

Our values

100% handmade creations, in France. We carefully select high quality fabrics, in accordance with our commitments.

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Bienvenue chez Têt Maré, votre destination pour des solutions de coiffure protectrice et des accessoires de tête de qualité en satin. Découvrez notre création phare : le turban en satin, ou doublé en satin, parfait pour prendre soin de vos cheveux tout en ajoutant une touche d'élégance à votre style.