The history of Tet Mare

Who am I ?

Honestly, I'm still looking for the answer! 😅
But in short, I am a young woman full of imagination who decided to realize her dream, and literally touch it with my fingertips.
In addition to being a part- time dreamer, I am also a doctoral student in physics.
Two of my biggest flaws? (Because hey... There are a lot of them!) Queen of procrastination and impatient.

I like to take care of myself, have fun changing my style, and all in a minimum of time (please) ! Hence the desire to create my own Têt Maré at the start.

My vision

I wanted to create a "made in France" brand of hair accessories that take care of the hair with style! The products are lined with a satin or silk fabric, which unlike cotton, retains moisture in the hair and prevents frizz.

The idea is to create accessories, easy to put on, allowing you to add a "plus" to your outfit . Your Têt Maré will be there for you, in case of a bad hair day, a missed awakening, or simply laziness. 
Which is fun with these accessories, you can change your style with the same product. And in case of lack of inspiration...
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Why Tet Maré?

I grew up in Paris while immersed in Caribbean culture.
The name of the brand comes from the Creole, "Maré Tèt" meaning "to tie the head" in French.
Naming this project "Têt Maré" is a way for me to pay tribute to my origins, my heritage and continue to cultivate it.
In 1789, the Tignon law required freed slaves to cover their hair by wearing a scarf.
Women rebelled against the persisting colonial system and asserted their freedom, wearing tide heads , enhancing their facial features. They fought in their own way for the rejection of conventions and their independence.

Today, I democratize this head tie and I draw inspiration from it to create accessories who look like me.